Taste and Buy Guinep

In my homeland Jamaica we have an expression used by fruit vendors who peddle guineps (known elsewhere as Spanish Lime). To be sure you're getting a good product they'll offer you the opportunity, "taase an bai ginep". In other words, taste and see. If you're interested in inviting Pastor Kerr to speak for your event or church, here's an opportunity to preview some of her material. Listen prayerfully and may the Holy Spirtit guide you as you decide if this would be a fit for you.

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One of the biggest challenges faced by NICU parents is, understanding what's happening with my baby. Words get thrown around and proceedures require your consent but what does all this mean? During this very stressful, painful and confusing time, my family scrambled in search of resources to help us understand what was going on. We struggled to find support from someone else who had been there. This blog aims at creating a community for the NICU Parent who has suddenly become super mom but feels like an absolute failure. With our partners, we want to make your NICU journey a little clearer and hopefully a lot less stressful. 

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