UnderQualified & Overwhelmed

Each of us has moments when we feel stretched too thin and far out of our depth. We get swallowed up by circumstances that seem beyond our abilities and outside our comfort zone. We feel under qualified for the phase we're in and overwhelmed by the demands of life. If this is how you feel, welcome to my life!

After suffering through multiple miscarriages I found myself pregnant again, this time with a quiet, peaceful conviction that this time would be different. So when I went into labor at 20 weeks, I was unfazed because I clung to assurance planted in my spirit.

Then six weeks later the unthinkable happened, I gave birth to pound-and-a-half micro-preemie twins.

I was indignant and scared out of my mind. How could this be happening? What about the promise? Can babies this small survive?

Take a journey with me as I share what I've learned about faith, alignment, and moving through the wall into the peaceful "eye" at the center of the storm.

My goal is to give you resources to help you understand how you respond to stress, then chart your path to coping, recovery, alignment and growth.